Our projects

Pavilnio 15

Pavilnio 15 - is a quarter of fifteen cottages in Vilnius, Pavilnio district, which is just 5 km away from the capital's old town. The unique architectural idea of the project is to give each single-apartment houses as much intimacy as possible. Therefore, the chosen structure of a layout allows every single cottage to have a small private piece of the ground. The idea was developed by architect Remigijus Putinas. The backyards were designed to be private, so nearby residents would not be able observe what is happening in the neighbor’s yard. Quarter contains 6 lots, one of them is used for roads and engineering networks. Residential plots contain from 2 to 4 Single-apartment residential houses. Total land area - 49.19 ares. It is the only project in Lithuania that is focused on future residents' privacy, which is not common in traditional cottage settlements overall.


Kairenai – a part of Vilnius city, located east from Dvarčionys, by Kairėnė river, located just 10 km from center of Vilnius. Surrounded by fresh air, silence and tranquility where you will never be disturbed by city fumes and noise. Kairėnai is rich with sights, such as the old Kairėnai manor surrounded by greenery and ponds, Vilnius University botanical garden, Pavilniai Regional Park and Swiss forest parks.

Kintų str. 3

Kintų str. 3 - The project is located in the very center of the capital, next to the municipality, the fastest developing area of the capital Kintu g. 3. Surrounded by shopping center Europe, office buildings, banks and close to Vilnius residents’ favorite leisure and entertainment place near the White Bridge. The five-storey building project is particularly liquid, the apartments are planned to be small, the stage of the project allows you to start sales soon. The projects current stage allows to begin sales promptly. Apartments are suitable for investment – it can be rented soon after the purchased.